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Introducing our law firm

Bernhardt Law Office

​베른하트 법률사무소

Our Legal Practice

With our years of experience in advising transactions related to East- and Southeast Asia, we have not only the relevant legal expertise, but also the language and intercultural skills that are essential to the sustainability of your projects. Entrust your activities to someone who is not only an expert on a professional level but can also walk on the cultural and lingual stepstones that are leading to the success in your targeted market. We offer you our assistance from the first planning phase with an initial assessment and analysis of your project as well as with its later legal and economic implementation. Together with strong local partners we develop solutions to become the solid basis for your success.



Attorney at Law (Germany) 

Martin Bernhardt*

*Founder of the Law Office


Attorney at Law (Germany)

Magdalena Bernhardt*

*Associate Lawyer


Commercial Law

Commercial law is a cross-sectional area which includes all legal norms that affect the legal relationships of persons and legal entities involved in economic life. In the context of our consulting activities, commercial law is particularly relevant to the establishment and development of subsidiaries of foreign shareholders in Germany.

Labor Law

Labour law belongs to an area of law which, despite its everyday nature, always leads to great uncertainty. In many cases, contractual practice in this area is characterised by mutual misconceptions about the legal requirements for relations between employer and employee. Particularly in an international context, it is often the case that the legal understanding underlying the contractual relationship is so contrary that conflicts are inevitable despite the apparently clear wording of the contract.

Labor and Educational Migration

The right of residence is becoming increasingly important against the background of the continuing shortage of skilled workers in Germany. At the same time, the related legal and procedural issues often result in considerable delays in the integration of foreign skilled workers in the target companies, which in the worst case can threaten the economic existence of both parties. 

Law of Foreign Diplomatic Missions

The law of foreign diplomatic and consular representations in the Federal Republic of Germany is governed by the provisions of the two Vienna Conventions VCDR and VCCR. Advising foreign embassies and consulates and their members is one of the main areas of activity of the Bernhardt Law Firm. 

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