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Bernhardt Law Office

​베른하트 법률사무소

Publications of Attorney at Law Martin Bernhardt

  • 독일 연구기관들의 학생 연구원 고용에 대한 법적 기본 조건 (Legal Conditions for Employment of Student Assistants in German Research Institutes), TePRI Report (기술정책연구소), 2019년 8월호 I Vol. 99 (P. 30 - 31) (part 1)

  • Reservation of Proprietary rights under Korean Law in KORUM (Magazine of the German - Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Vol. 2, 4/2009, P. 20 - 22.

  • Labor Law in Korea: German - Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (together with Joon-Youl Lee, Patrick Keil), 5th, completely revised version, 2009.

  • German-Korean Legal Dictionary (독한법률용어사전), Samwonsa, 2020.

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